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As competition and costs increase, manufacturers want to get more from their existing assets.  With rising prices for energy and raw materials, a squeeze on capital, plus the disruption associated with plant expansion, world class manufacturers are finding answers elsewhere.

Advanced Process Control from Perceptive Engineering has been chosen by some of the world's biggest dairy producers because it is fast to implement and uses industry-leading project management methodologies.

These programmes can deliver an investment return in 3-6 months,with a whole host of tangible performance benefits:

  • Faster start-up of critical process units for more agile manufacturing
  • Longer run times due to more consistent operation
  • Increased yield and lower specific energy
  • Higher throughput with less risk of fouling or blockage
  • Higher, more consistent product quality, to help build brand loyalty
  • Improved management of process disturbances such as tank changes 
  • Reduced waste, reduced re-work, improved profitability
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