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We offer a wealth of expertise in process improvement, with a clear focus on your bottom-line profitability.

For Nutritionals and Ingredients, we help blue-chip companies increase the capacity of their existing assets, by operating the process closer to constraints, improving yield and increasing throughput. 
In the Water and Wastewater sector, Perceptive has developed powerful tools to deal with sensor reliability issues and improve process efficiency and robustness.  
In Pulp and Paper, the focus is on increasing process stability, raising yield from recycled fibre plants and lowering the costs of energy and raw materials used in paperboard production.  
manufacturers are using our software suite to better align PAT sensors with process KPIs, to improve scale-up, reduce testing and shorten time to market.
For the steel industry, we have deployed multivariate predictive diagnostics, to determine furnace condition in real time.


  • lower process variability, resulting in more consistent quality and operational efficiency
  • the need for rejected or re-worked product is greatly reduced, or even eliminated
  • reduced variation can be exploited by consistently manufacturing much closer to specification
  • increased process stability enables longer production runs and better OEE
  • operator intervention is minimised, freeing up control room personnel
  • improved quality and reliability of data, for better decisions and planning
  • multivariate process monitoring, providing earlier warning of process fault or drift

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