Data Visualisation

Start your Data to Knowledge journey with a free 7-day trial...
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Data Analysis

Identify process abnormalities, understand causes of deteriorating performance...
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Spectral Data

Develop fully traceable calibration models for real time applications...
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Predictive Modelling

Comprehensive empirical modelling tools, simplified user interface...
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Process Control

Regulatory, Multivariable, or Model-based control for batch and continuous...
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Process Optimisation

Configurable templates to optimise yield, throughput, efficiency, quality...
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Your Choice: SaaS in the Cloud?

Both the software platform and your data will be hosted on Amazon's servers, offering speed and ease of access, as well as the highest levels of security. No software is installed on your PC.

The costs of data hosting are already built into your subscription price, so there's nothing more to pay. Computing takes place in the Cloud, so is less dependent on your own PC.  All configuration, trends and models are saved in the Cloud alongside your data.

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Or Download and Run Local?

The software is downloaded, installed and activated on a PC of your choosing, to satisfy the guidelines of your IT department. Once your data is added, no external links are required.

All the work you perform on your data is saved within a desktop project file and securely encrypted. You can work on the project wherever you take your laptop, even with no external internet access.

A simple re-licensing step is all that's needed to renew your subscription or expand the suite of tools you're using.

Minimum Recommended Hardware Specification

Intel i5 or equivalent CPU; 8GB RAM; 20GB free disk space;
1024x768 16-bit high colour display;
Windows Server 2008 or Server 2012 or Server 2016, or
Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 or Windows 10;
TCP/IP network connection for remote servers.
software installation and operation within a virtual machine

Our Clients & Partners

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