The Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Advances in process design and knowledge, as well as real-time measurement of critical parameters, are now being exploited by the pharma industry, though some key challenges remain:

  • how to ensure integrity of instrumentation and data
  • how to meet the specific needs of batch and continuous manufacturing processes
  • how to satisfy the traceability requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 when using model-based engineering methods

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are using our software suite to better align PAT sensors with process KPIs, to improve scale-up, reduce testing and shorten time to market.

Perceptive Engineering has developed a fully-integrated software platform, combining a powerful development environment, comprehensive PAT functionality, industry-standard connectivity, and robust real-world deployment: PharmaMV

It has been designed and built in close collaboration with some of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, to meet the specific needs of their development teams and manufacturing plants. PharmaMV delivers fault-tolerant Monitoring, Control and Optimisation of the widest possible range of production and processing assets, while still ensuring ease-of-use.

Accelerate Your PAT/QbD Programme

PharmaMV delivers operational, commercial and competitive advantages. The platform is being used by pharmaceutical leaders to develop and integrate Real-Time PAT/QbD applications into their existing operations, by providing:

  • Real Time environment for integration of spectral data, batch data and discrete lab measurements
  • Real Time multivariate monitoring and SPC facilities
  • Facilities to develop and deploy chemometric calibration models in real time
  • Advanced Process Control for batch endpoint prediction, batch MPC, latent variable control, optimisation of continuous manufacturing, and more.
  • Management of real-time data, along with secure, configurable operator interfacing, to satisfy the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11

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