Where We've Been and Where We're Going in 2018

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IChemE Webinar

5 February 2018, dial-in webinar

"Model Predictive Control for Batch Reactor Optimisation"

Matthew McEwan, Perceptive Engineering

MPC, model predictive control, batch manufacturing

Innovation Champions Northwest

8 February 2018, Daresbury Sci-Tech, Cheshire

"Collaborative Innovation in Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing”

David Lovett, MD Perceptive Engineering

pharmaceutical, leading edge, manufacturing


11-14 February 2018, North Bethesda, Maryland, USA

"Application of Model Predictive Control and Monitoring for Continuous Pharmaceutical Processes”

John Mack, Perceptive Engineering

"PAT Implementation for Drug Product Development and Manufacturing: 
Advanced Process Control an dMonitoring of a Tablet Press"

Anthony Tantuccio, Merck

advanced manufacturing, process control, data analytics

6th Quality by Design Symposium

21 March 2018, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

"Improving Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes using Advanced Process Control, Statistical Monitoring and Soft Sensing

Furqan Tahir, Perceptive Engineering

quality by design, qbd, pharma, continuous manufacturing

Advanced Process Modelling Forum 2018

17-18 April, Chelsea Harbour, London

"Digital Design to Digital Operation"

Furqan Tahir, Perceptive Engineering

digital process modelling

Industrie 4.0 : Produce Better and Faster

23-27 April, Hannover Messe, Germany

"Cloud-based Process Optimisation with Siemens MindsphereTM"

Andy Mitchell, Perceptive Engineering
Industrial Internet of Things, cloud automation


25-27 April 2018, Hilton Gateshead, Newcastle

"Application of Digital Design to the development of Model Predictive Control in the Pharmaceutical Industry"

John Mack, Perceptive Engineering

automation, process control


3 May, York, UK

"Bringing Multivariate Process Monitoring and Control to the Cloud"

John Mack, Perceptive Engineering

multivariate process monitoring control

Ninth Pan-European Conference on PAT and QbD Sciences

14-16 May 2018, Manchester, UK

"Application of Mechanistic Models for 
Online Control of Crystallization Processes

David Lovett, John Mack, Perceptive Engineering

WbD, PAT, pharmaceutical manufacturing

IChemE Members Group

6 June, Reading

"Industrie 4.0: Make Things Better"

David Lovett, Perceptive Engineering

industrie 4.0 IIOT cloud computing


11-15 June, Frankfurt am Mein, Germany

"Latest Developments in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Optimisation"

John Mack, Perceptive Engineering

ISPE Singapore

29 August, Suntec Singapore

Innovations for Next-Generation Pharma Manufacturing"

David Lovett, MD Perceptive Engineering

pharmaceutical, process, analytics, monitoring, control, optimisation, optimization

CMAC Open Day

25-26 October 2018, Technology Innovation Centre, Glasgow

"Developments in Continuous Manufacturing"

John Mack, Ewan Mercer, Furqan Tahir, Perceptive Engineering

continuous flow manufacturing, research, advanced process control

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