Where We've Been and Where We're Going in 2017

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9th Symposium on Continuous Flow Chemistry

14-15-16 November, University of Barcelona

"Model Predictive Control for Continuous Reactor Optimisation"

John Mack, Perceptive Engineering

continuous reactors, batch-to-continuous manufacturing

Food and Drink IT Summit

7 November 2017, Ricoh Arena, Birmingham

"Advanced Process Control for Process Optimisation"

Simon Mazier, Keith Smith, Perceptive Engineering

advanced control, energy reduction, process optimisation, APC, nutritionals

Mammalian and Microbial Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

October 17-18, Dublin, Eire

"Bioprocess Analytics and Control Strategies - Workshop”

Keith Smith, John Mack, Perceptive Engineering

bioprocess analytics

European Water and Wastewater Management Conference

October 3 - 4, Royal Armouries, Leeds

"Predictive Control from Sewer to River"

Simon Mazier, Perceptive Engineering; Samantha Sloan, United Utilities

predictive control, wastewater, modelling, analytics


September 24 - 26, Shanghai, China

"Application of Model Predictive Control and Monitoring for Continuous Pharmaceutical Processes”

Dr Qiaolin Yuan, Perceptive Engineering Singapore 

advanced manufacturing, process control, data analytics

Chemistry and Industrial Biotechnology Showcase:
Towards Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

September 20 - 21, York, UK

"Process Analytics and Predictive Control Technology
for Process Optimisation

David Lovett, Perceptive Engineering

advanced manufacturing, biotechnology

ISIC20: International Symposium on Industrial Crystallisation

September 3 - 6, University College Dublin

"Application of Mechanistic Models for the Online Control of Crystallization Processes"

John Mack, Perceptive Engineering

crysallisation, continuous manufacturing, symposium, mechanistic models

ISPE Singapore

23-26 August, Suntec Singapore

Innovation for Next-Generation Pharma Manufacturing:
Discuss leading-edge developments in process analytics and control

David Lovett, MD Perceptive Engineering

pharmaceutical, process, analytics, monitoring, control, optimisation, optimization

IChemE 2017

12-14 June 2017, Birmingham UK

"Applications of Model Predictive Control and Monitoring for Continuous Pharmaceutical Processes"

John Mack, Perceptive Engineering

advanced automation

SIEMENS Process Automation and Control Engineers Users' Group

6-7 June 2017, York, UK

"Advanced Process Control - Introduction and Application"

Matthew McEwan, Perceptive Engineering

advances in process automation and control

CMAC Open Day

23-24 March 2017, Technology Innovation Centre, Glasgow

"Developments in Continuous Manufacturing"

John Mack, Ewan Mercer, Perceptive Engineering

continuous flow manufacturing, research, advanced process control

QbD Symposium

29 March 2017, Leicester de Montfort University

"Science and Technology for Product and Process Understanding"

quality by design, product and process understanding

IFPAC International Forum on Process Analytical Chemistry

27 February - 2 March 2017 Bethesda, Maryland, USA

"Enhancing the robustness of continuous processes using Advanced Process Control and Multivariate monitoring."

John Mack, Perceptive Engineering

advanced manufacturing, process control, data analytics

Paper Technics Seminar

27 February 2017, TBC

"Energy Reduction and Production Improvement with Advanced Control"

Simon Mazier, Perceptive Engineering

paper industry process efficiency, steam saving, energy saving

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