Download and discover what's happening inside your process.  For free*.

dataMV provides an introduction to Perceptive's award-winning software, designed to help transform your data into information, knowledge and action.  With the same user interface and processing power as the rest of our suite, dataMV will let you:

  - import data sets from multiple sources
  - align discrete measurements with continuous data

  - mask out areas of poor quality data
  - focus your analysis on areas of most interest
  - visualize complex data to gain a better insight into your process

To help you get started, we have produced a series of video tutorials which will guide you through importing, cleaning and visualisation of your process data.  Please check our YouTube channel by following the link below.

After downloading and installing the software, it will generate a HostID unique to your installation.  Send an email to quoting your HostID, and you will receive your activation code by return, free of charge.

That's all there is to it. Use the software for free for three months, tell us if you like it, or tell us if you want to keep using it.

Please click the logo (right) to download the installation file:

Perceptive Engineering APC software suite

To check the machine specifications for running the software, use this link:

Advanced Process Control analytical software

To visit our YouTube channel and watch our easy-to-follow tutorials, click the logo:

Perceptive Engineering YouTube channel
To download and save a copy of the software's User Guide, open this link.

DataMV User Guide

Alternatively, please contact Perceptive if you would prefer to receive a copy on USB memory stick or DVD.

* No cost, no strings attached.  

Although this is a demonstration version that provides limited functionality when compared to the full PerceptiveAPC suite, it still provides powerful tools for data import and processing.

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